Your Moving Leads.  Seemlessly integrated.

As a moving company we rely on leads providers in the off season.

Within a day we integrated our 5 moving leads providers right into Moverbase.  

We automatically receive leads from, 123movers,,

iRelocate and within Moverbase.

…and this saves us a ton of time and effort.

–  Jerry R.  AC Moving









  1. Save time and stop the manual entry of all the information for the leads

  2. View and sort all your leads from multiple providers in one clean screen

  3. Respond to leads and provide a status on each

  4. Easily convert the leads to full quotes and active jobs with a couple of clicks

  5. Manage the ability for leads providers


How to get leads providers to send leads to your Moverbase account:

1.  Add your Moving Leads provider as a referral source at SETUP > COMPANY SETUP > REFERRALS

2.  Generate a key, and provide the …


To begin, contact your moving leads provider and ask them to send their leads to your Moverbase account.

It is easy as pie and takes a few minutes for them to do so.


Moving Leads Providers:

1.  You must have an active Moverbase Account

2.  You will receive an invitation from the moving company by email to integrate.  Once you accept, the instructions will be emailed to you.

Please contact Moverbase Support with any questions.