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MoverBase is powerful moving company software that is easy to use. MoverBase is 100% cloud-based and works on any computer, tablet or mobile phone. With MoverBase, you get free demos, free trainings and free support.

MoverBase makes it simple to schedule jobs, get leads, send quotes online, manage clients & sales, allocate movers & drivers, operate dispatch and logistics, customize your price estimator, track job sales, communicate to staff, get real time notifications on move status, and much much more.

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  • Powerful yet Simple!

    Powerful yet Simple!

    MoverBase is feature-rich, yet simple to use web-based system to manage the daily operations of a Moving Company.

  • Accessible Anywhere

    Accessible Anywhere

    Whether you are a manager, dispatch, employee, mover or driver, MoverBase is accessible from any web connected computer or mobile device.

  • Operate Efficiently

    Operate Efficiently

    With simple clicks, create estimates, schedule jobs, allocate movers and vehicles, and view reports.

  • Affordably Awesome!

    Affordably Awesome!

    At the low cost of as low as $1.50 per moving job, you can focus on the job at hand! See our pricing plans.

  • MoverBase Jobs Screen
  • MoverBase Powerful Dashboard
  • MoverBase Job Details Screen
  • MoverBase Estimate
  • MoverBase Lead Widget
  • MoverBase Inventory Screen
  • MoverBase Leads Screen
  • MoverBase Staff Screen
  • MoverBase Payroll Screen
  • MoverBase Truck Setup Screen
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  • What is MoverBase?

    What is MoverBase?

    MoverBase is a web-based system that manages a moving company. You can manage clients, moving jobs, movers, drivers, vehicles, policies, job pricing, users, schedules, payments, and more.

  • How does MoverBase work?

    How does MoverBase work?

    MoverBase is simple to use. You only need an internet connection. Simply sign up for our free trial, set up your company policies and pricing, add clients, create jobs, and assign your people and vehicles. Call us and we will help you!

  • Does your moving company need it?

    Does your moving company need it?

    Yes! MoverBase allows you and your employees to be informed in real time about their jobs, keep reliable records and reports, allocate resources efficiently, and become more profitable – Get MoverBase for free.